What do we do

Circo Fortuna is a small art and craft atelier-boutique.

How to describe it? Functional fun? Graphic poetry? I hope I’ve given you the idea…

At the moment the collection consists of ceramics, T-shirts, playing cards, postcards and posters. For logistical reasons the T-shirts are not available online, you can find them at Circo Fortuna in Ortigia for the time being.

Ceramics are my favorite surface to express new ideas. The paintbrush on the pottery gives a somehow clumsy, irregular style to the designs. Once the object has been fired and put on display, I can hear the reactions of the clients who pick it up, while I’m in the background decorating. My curiosity is aroused listening to the comments and I consider this as a “live” mini market research.

The quiet winter gives me the opportunity to choose from the many designs which ones to develop for a new project. After this, it is a case of looking for the best company who can produce it, preferably Sicilian. It’s exciting to see the final product, sometimes several years pass from the first idea to the actual object.

And so, Circo Fortuna’s collection slowly grows from year to year like a climbing plant randomly following the sunshine. This may seem somehow incoherent, or maybe it simply is. I just can’t resist an idea once it has taken seed in my mind.