You can almost smell the baroque perfume in the smallest alley of the wonderful island of Ortigia, the old town of Syracusa, Sicily. The combination of the sea, the luscious antique palazzi and the relaxed attitude which characterizes Sicilian lifestyle is extremely charming. This island is a dream place to live and have an atelier-boutique.

Since 1992 the Circo Fortuna collection offers, among other creations, bespoke hand painted plates and dishes.

The atelier-boutique is in the midst of the old town, only a few steps from the Fontana Aretusa and close to the Piazza Duomo. You will probably notice our shop with its colourful entrance and the hotchpotch of pottery and small pots with typical Mediterreanean plants outside.

If you are curious about this eclectic Sicilian-Dutch style then please come in to discover a different kind of handcrafted pottery and gifts.

Hand painted plates and dishes in Syracuse, Sicily

The creative adventure starts anew every day and, just like life, it’s a path full of surprises, sometimes almost magic.

Our hand painted plates and dishes are made using the minimum of equipment necessary that you will notice on entering the characteristic atelier: a kiln for baking the ceramics and a small table with paint brushes and colours. Plates can be bought individually or matched with a mug.

Most of the time the designs come alive spontaneously and directly on the porous surface of the semi-finished ceramic. This gives the brush stroke a unique and vivid aspect.

There’s a lot of thought behind the designs. They can express a concept, more often than not, positive and lighthearted, sometimes ironic, profound or poetic.

We hope to offer you the perfect gift for someone close to you or something for yourself, to take back home as a pleasant reminder of your Sicilian holiday.

You’ll find our collection goes beyond hand painted dishes to include T-shirts, postcards, posters and even design playing cards.

You can see plenty of photos of our hand painted plates and dishes on Instagram (@circofortunaortigia) and on our website where you can browse our online shop from the comfort of your own home.

The ceramics are dishwasher safe and suitable for hot and cold food.

Take your time to make your own combination of your favorite designs and create your own personal, artistic set.

There’s a shopping trolley waiting there just for you 🙂