Following I have asked myself some questions in order to provide you with a better idea of the origins of my work.

Why do you paint?

The first thought coming in my mind was a sentence of Wagner, if I remember well. “ If I’d been able to write, I wouldn’t be a composer.”
My feelings and experiences appear like a design inside my head. Sometimes I’m all happy, I feel like a soap bubble and PLUP! an image appears. I stop, try to catch it and there you go, that’s the beginning of a design.

Who inspires you most?

Nature, I think. There’s no artist with more creativity than nature, for me. There’s a book that talks about it, “The butterfly factory” by Gioconda Belli, illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch, an artist I admire. Like Picasso, like Quentin Blake. They amaze me.

How do people react to your work?

I meet many people with Circo Fortuna. They say that my designs fill them with happiness, energy, inspiration. We often have something in common. I don’t think it is only because a part of them lives a creative life like myself, architects, photographers, sculptors, to name but a few. It’s more a with-a-smile-life style.

Do you hold any special memories?

Oh yes, the girl who cried when she didn’t find the bowl she’d seen the previous day, or the woman who started painting again after seeing Circo Fortuna’s style, light hearted and poetical, or the couple who bought some cups during their stay in Siracusa, only to discover on their return home that their friends had bought Circo Fortuna cups from Metz & co. during their holiday in Amsterdam.

What do you hope your work gives to people?

First of all joy.
I would like someone to be able to identify themselves in my designs, and I hope that my work gives them confidence. I’d like to be able to encourage people to overcome their inhibitions that prevent them from expressing interesting things that I believe everyone carries inside of them.


Do you think you have managed to do it?

Personally it took me a long time to overcome my shyness. Painting on ceramics allowed me to discover my own style. It gave me the opportunity to freely express my ideas and creativity without feeling any pressure. My designs are from the heart and reflect my personality and what’s more, people like them. It’s a wonderful feeling and I consider myself very lucky.

What does “create” mean to you ?

For me it’s a vital necessity. I can’t live without it, or better I can’t live happily without it. It’s also a means of communication. Some of my designs express a sort of philosophy about the world, nature, love. That’s why I like Jovanotti’s music, his lyrics spread affection. In my opinion they have a positive effect on the world.
(Jovanotti is a well-known Italian musician and songwriter who positively inspires his listeners especially the young generation through his music, lyrics and concerts which often communicate pacifistic and philosophical messages.)

Who have you worked with ?

Exhibiting at the fair in Frankfurt Circo Fortuna made many clients, for example Metz & co. and Esprit (Amsterdam), Stilwerk (Hamburg), Uwe von Afferden (Düsseldorf), Ginza Blume and Cherry Terrace (Tokyo), Whittard of Chelsea (London), Rosenthal.
Designing for Ciao Italya (a large ceramic factory in Tuscany) Circo Fortuna has also worked for other clients including Starbucks (U.S.A.), Fiorucci (Milano), Bloomingdale (N.Y), Coin.